13 Moons

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Track listing:

1. Call of the Wildwoods
2. In This Moment
3. 13 Moons
4. Gargoyles
5. Ailse
6. An Dro Mod Koh
7. Wren King
8. Reynardine
9. Song of Cider
10. Lyonesse
11. Stone Dance
12. Hela'r Dryw
13. Kernow


PipeDream Music


Brocc came into being over the summer of 2008 - a product of gales and rain in the woods and a badger who came to stay and has become our symbol.

The songs we weave tell tales of myth and legend and the old beliefs of our lands and peoples. Our music is timeless, evocative of earlier, simpler times. The instruments reflect our love of forgotten timbres - we play english & swedish bagpipes, woodwinds and recorders, the medieval hurdy-gurdy, mandola and laùd, and a host of percussion.

Brocc's songs and tunes are mostly original, with some traditional material in our own distinctive arrangements. You can hear some on our music page.

We are the masked troubadours - watch out we are masked and dangerous!

13 Moons - Review

13 Moons is the first full length album of a band with a very distinctive look and sound. The album was recorded and produced by Pete "peewee" Coleman - more usually noted for his work with bands such as AC/DC, The Charlatans and Echo and the Bunnymen - on his label PipeDream Music.

"There is something of the original Wicker Man soundtrack in the vocal arrangements - the earth magic content of the lyrics, too, call to mind Summerisle. However the gallimuafry of exotic instruments conjures up an altogether more complex vision with echoes of Gryphon and their ilk. Psaltery, hurdy-gurdy, recorders and both English and Swedish bagpipes make for an intoxicating troubadour brew on tales of gargoyles, mad wopmen and the wild wood... "
Rock'n'Reel magazine

"When the album arrived, we were instantly in love with it"
Herne - Wyldwood Radio

"A sonic smorgasbord of songs and dance tunes comprising Flemish and Swedish pipes, various whistles, harp, bouzouki and hurdy-gurdy strings, assorted percussion and glorious vocals, serving up a medieval, neo-pagan, traditional, and Cornish/Welsh Celtic musical feast! Delicious! "
Len Holton - From Albion and Beyond (KUAR FM89)

"Beautiful, magical, enchanting. 13 Moons is evocative of the inherent magic in the British Isles. A wonderful blend of both traditional and entirely new songs. A must have for fans of British folk music."
Herne and Nemetona - Wyldwood Radio.

"Magical and mysterious, musically exquisite and enchanting"
Karen Kay (faeryevents.com)

Brocc are:

Hallr - vocals, english and swedish bagpipes, willow flute, acoustic bass, recorders & bazouki.
Clár - vocals, hurdy-gurdy & percussion.
Mikael - vocals, octave mandola, laúd & guitar.
Anwen - vocals, bowed psaltery, recorders & percussion.
Anders - narration, vocals &percussion.
Elin - vocals, harp, willow flute, bagpipes & recorders.

Brocc playing at Dingle bal in 2011



A brief tour through some of the songs on our album "13 Moons".

This title track from our album 13 Moons and a celebration of the wonder of full moons.

Wren King - a seasonal song for the turn of the year. This features the Old Glory Molly dancers who process each year in celebration of the return of the year sacrificing the Wren King...